With the ongoing labour shortage, there is nothing more frustrating than posting jobs and not receiving enough applications to fill the positions. With over 10 years of experience, Specialized Jobs is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. As such, we have equipped our team with HR marketing specialists to make all the difference! Here are a few useful revelations to help you better recruit in these times of almost universal labour shortage.

Specialized Jobs HR marketing strategies

First of all, as you know, like everywhere else, marketing costs have also increased. The labor shortage particularly affects everything that revolves around the Internet, social networks and online advertising. However, with Specialized Jobs, the costs are totally absorbed by the company. This means that you have access to a sales and marketing professional absolutely free when you subscribe or simply by posting jobs on our 24 specialized job boards. An effective solution for companies that can't afford thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns. Here are some tips you may receive.

Problem #1: Salary conditions are often insufficient or below average

For example, it is not uncommon to see clients offering salaries based on certain trendy sites. Unfortunately, these sites use outdated averages that do not correspond to the current demand. To do so, Specialized Jobs relies instead on serious studies to adequately determine the salaries of 2022, in order to better recruit.

Problem #2: Too much experience is required

It is not uncommon to ask for too much experience in job postings where the applicant pool is almost empty. For this reason, Specialized Jobs tries to increase your pool of candidates to better recruit. An effective technique that requires almost no effort. So, instead of asking for 5 years of experience, we prefer to ask for 2 to 5 years with an adequate salary range. As a result, we have just doubled and even tripled the pool of candidates and increased our chances of recruiting the key person much more quickly!

Problem #3: Are you among the first?

To this end, it is not uncommon to see market leaders offering next year's salary terms instead of the current year. Indeed, they contribute to increasing salaries, but at least, for them, it is easier to recruit talented candidates who are already working or to convince them to make the jump. Indeed, it is more profitable to offer a salary of $5,000 more than to offer a headhunter at $10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 or to exhaust your staff by an unnecessary work overload.

Problem #4: The complete absence of competitive messages

In job descriptions, we often see almost nothing for candidates except a boring job description from the 90s. Often these offers are accompanied by average or even below-average salary conditions. In this case, a completely different strategy is needed and the heart, not the mind, must be used. Most of the time, we will improve or create a "Why work for us?" section, which often proves to be very effective when it is well put together.

Problem #5: Candidate perception

Sometimes companies try to recruit with a totally outdated website that is woefully unprofessional. You don't have to have a brain in Papineau to know that few candidates will bother to send in their resumes, even if you offer above-average working conditions. The perception of your company works against you.

To remember...

Of course, as you can see, although they are similar, the situations and cases are mostly unique. Often, only the case-by-case really works after analyzing the statistical data. With Specialty Jobs' Double Hire Guarantee, we have found that the positions that are hard to fill do not match the current market demand. That's why we can help you pull the right strings to get tangible results and finally hire the people you need.

Today, candidates want to obtain winning salary conditions, career opportunities and also many other elements that you probably already have, but that you have omitted to publish in your last publications. To this end, Specialized Jobs will work with you with unbounded perseverance to modify and update your job offers. With Specialized Jobs, you always have the opportunity to publish on 24 sites, to have free personalized advice and especially to benefit from a positive attitude, diligence, enthusiasm and efforts of our team in a constructive atmosphere, even if the task seems titanic.

In short, if you are part of those who want to launch the towel or who are struggling to recruit, contact us today, it is for you that we have set up this service without equal on the market!