Beyond general beliefs and urban stories, modern marketing has become a new science that influences the way we think and work. For example, in universities, we no longer speak exclusively of marketing in the general sense, but rather of marketing science, predictive marketing or applied marketing analysis with a scientific approach. A science that talks about various useful statistics that can be used as a basis. To this end, here are some statistical benchmarks to better understand new habits or mass phenomena. In short, a better understanding made possible to better target our HR marketing and sales efforts.

10 marketing statistics for employer branding

  1. With91% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, take care of your hiring process right up until employees leave. The candidate experience should be a priority.
  2. 90% of consumers say that positive reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions. Video testimonials from happy employees can be effective in improving your recruitment.
  3. 65% of internet users search for information online, so get ahead of the game with a clean career section.
  4. 86% of consumers use the Internet to research before making a purchase decision. The same goes for your career section. Have attractive visuals for all occasions.
  5. 58% of Fortune 500 executives believe that reputation management should be at the heart of every organisation's marketing and brand strategy. Maintaining and cultivating a positive reputation is essential to successful recruitment.
  6. 84% of marketers believe that building trust will be the main objective of future marketing campaigns. Avoid sound bites and be yourself and real throughout your employee cycle.
  7. 49% of companies do not have a clearly defined digital strategy. Establish a real digital strategy and avoid being left behind the big companies or at the back of the pack.
  8. 75% of consumers judge a company's credibility by seeing its website for the first time. While you may be operating at full capacity without a website or a new website, re-branding your image will help you attract potential candidates.
  9. 60% of users no longer trust social media. Invest in advertising elsewhere than on social networks. Personally, I would not like my employment data to be used to further target advertising content. At worst, redirect all candidates to your site and avoid the often intrusive tools of some social networks.
  10. 20% of the traffic that generates online sales was generated by a newsletter. Direct contact with potential candidates via a newsletter is an effective method of adding to your CV pile.

As with modern marketing, it should come as no surprise that if you lack the budget for online branding, you appear to be cutting corners and also lack the budget for salaries or other benefits. Know that your company is under the microscope and that you are constantly being evaluated by hundreds of potential candidates. In short, without worrying too much about new technologies or statistics, it is still necessary to rely on common sense and to take care of your corporate image in order to recruit better.