Still in line with Gardner's multiple intelligences, verbal-linguistic intelligence, as its name suggests, is characterized by mastery of speech and words. Like interpersonal intelligence, which is also to convince or influence through speech, verbal-linguistic intelligence has more reserved characteristics. People with this type of intelligence often tend to favour the written word over the spoken word. However, strictly speaking, they often excel in both. Verbal-linguistic intelligence is also said to be the intelligence of polyglot people (people who speak several languages).

Verbal-linguistic intelligence, mastery of foreign languages

People with verbal-linguistic intelligence have an above-average passion or talent for learning languages. They understand cultural nuances and the weight of words more quickly. They also have a greater ability to recognize sounds more easily.

They are recognized by their love of language and speech...

Those with verbal-linguistic intelligence often speak several languages. They have a good memory for dates and names. They also love to tell stories, enjoy listening to stories and prefer diversity. In some cultural occupations, they are easily recognized as humorists or poets. Words and phonetics are at the heart of their talent. They can often play with homonyms or homophones and give a humorous meaning to a sentence.

Verbal linguistic intelligence at work

verbo-linguistic intelligenceIn an organization, people with this type of intelligence are excellent candidates for :

  • Preparing and making presentations
  • Analyze, argue and persuade through promotional material
  • Writing speeches for your leaders
  • Filling an ambassadorial role for your organization
  • Playing roles or evaluating performance through role play
  • Dialog, write and report
  • Starting the conversation
  • Read and write books, articles, blogs or other technical communications
  • Listening to and summarizing presentations

The cross competences of the new generations

In the age of blogging and information bulimia, the skills of people with verbal-linguistic intelligence are critical. Their ability to read and write can be a great asset in preparing information material for many departments in your company. Computer companies love them to help them prepare their online help section.

Gilles Vigneault and Denise Bombardier are good examples of this type of intelligence.

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