With today's fast-paced changes, companies have no choice but to take a more human approach in order to attract new talent. Moreover, the days when human resources only acted as a bridge between management and employees or managed misunderstandings between employees are long gone. Today, in order to solve the main problems encountered, human resources specialists not only have concrete solutions to offer, but they now need more power to implement them. In short, here are some key elements to give you a head start on the other organisational dinosaurs.

HR specialist7 key areas of practice

First, as in many professions, it is undeniable that human resources have changed over the past few years. With new technologies, training needs, labour shortages, new organizational realities, new government standards, and health and safety needs, the old cliché of the plant in the office has long since been broken. To do this, human resources are trained in many ways. Here are some of the general elements conveyed:

  1. Skills development
  2. Organisational development
  3. Endowment
  4. Strategic HR and organisational management
  5. Labour relations
  6. Total remuneration
  7. Health, safety and well-being at work

These skills are at the heart of every organization and expose CHRPs or other HR professionals to the most pressing business issues on a daily basis. As a result, the HR specialist has had no choice but to develop a multitude of other skills to do his or her job effectively

An impressive list of cross-cutting skills

It is these cross-cutting skills acquired through years of experience that give HR specialists real management skills. We are now talking about HR specialists with a better global vision than anyone else, a renewed business sense and, above all, a communicative and relational intelligence often lacking in many DGs.

Best of all, innovation, project management, analytics and continuous technology learning have made HR specialists unparalleled resources. They are recognized as CHRPs who know how to surround themselves with the right people and, most importantly, know what to do to effectively transform your business. In short, achieve your business goals and interview experienced HR specialists for the CEO position.