At the end of high school, everyone must choose, at least in Quebec, what they want to do in life... Choosing the right career at age 17 for the next 40 years, even if it is a necessary evil, is a headache for the average young person! Dropping out of school is already omnipresent in high school and continues to be an alarming phenomenon, especially for parents. According to the latest study published by the firm léger on October 22, more than 40% of parents fear that their child will drop out of high school! What if we hung up on our kids and made them dream about staying in school longer?

Having many young people close to me, I often hear them tell me how scared they are of getting stuck in a routine, gimmick-free office job. Working for 40 years in the same job, the same industry, discourages many of them. The Ys should be told that there is a world of possibilities open to them. Today, you can change your lifestyle in no time at all, all you need is at least a DEC or a bachelor's degree to do things differently. You don't have a career plan at 17, yet it would be so easy to make our young people dream of becoming the next leaders of tomorrow!

Inspiring entrepreneurs, successful tradespeople, competent professionals from all walks of life, it's raining in Quebec. Why not take a few of them out of their ivory towers and invite them into the schools to inspire our young people... I am also thinking of exploration days where young people can see what they will have to live through later on by choosing this or that trade! What if the way forward was to introduce young people to companies with a philosophy that is close to their aspirations?

It is important to understand that for the young people of generation Y, to which I belong in particular, which Americans call the Net generation, IT is part of everyday life. Our work environments should adapt to this reality by offering more room for creativity, brainstorming, taking people out of their daily tasks.

For young people to have a place in the labour market, we would also have to make some changes in the way we do business. Putting the emphasis on teleworking, flexible work schedules, creating fun work environments, offering more vacations, are ways to get our young people off the hook. At home, for example, in my company Techno-Communication, all positions are four days a week, with Fridays being paid to get out of the daily routine, take care of oneself, run errands for the weekend, and so on. As a result, all our employees are more productive and dedicated!

As an entrepreneur, I think it's up to us to change things, in the private sector we are often more creative and rooted in the reality of our employees. Fellow entrepreneurs, let's take charge of the situation and change our ways of doing things by creating motivating work environments that are well anchored in the reality of the Y!

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