While the human resources (HR) roadmap should be well-stocked, there is always a list of must-haves that professionals need to explore to better determine the needs of employees and their business. The marriage between the expectations of the various parties and the offer is essential to the success of organizations. In short, a bit in panic mode since the pandemic, organizations and marketing consultants are offering new perspectives. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

1. Virtual meditation for employees

Gradual implementation of guided meditations for employees who need to perform better intellectually. Techniques inspired by the best science fiction movies, to boost brains for better performance.

skills2. Skills-based hiring is on the rise

Artificial intelligence is transforming the labor market, automating some jobs and creating entirely new jobs requiring new, sought-after skills.

3. The HR innovation laboratory

To better integrate new HR trends in the market. In short, the vision of a laboratory is a place where you can test new things. Also you can take existing ideas and modify them a bit. Human resources could certainly use a lab.

4. International hires

Expanding into global markets often requires hiring a new team of foreign employees. Because the process of hiring overseas is quite daunting and complex, specialized HR professionals offer turnkey services.

5. The client model

To serve all employees as if they were customers of the company. In short, we treat our employees as if they were our best customers.

6. The 360° evaluation

360-development allows the organization to review the performance of a supervisor, colleague or subordinate on a constructive and ongoing basis. Also, gathering feedback from team members across the organization can shed light on differing perceptions of an employee.

7. HR in transport and logistics

In order to reduce the organization's ecological footprint, HR is organizing the coordination of workforce travel. A trend that is in line with the reduction of greenhouse gases...

8. Actual control of recruitment

HR professionals objectively evaluate the recruitment process of all departments and also present objective reports. To this end, nothing is left to chance and responses to candidates are increasingly automated and more accurate.

9. HR specialists on the employee committee or disappearance of the unions

In some organizations, the creation of committees can help transform the company. This avenue offers another way to bring concrete solutions to employees rather than maintaining the confrontational approach of unions.

10. HR specialized in blockchain

We may be talking 2030, but the idea is starting to gain serious traction. Some of the ways Blockchain is being thought of are in background checks and employment verification. At its core, blockchain offers trust in untrusted environments, eliminating the need for a central trusted authority.

To remember...

In the age of creativity, there are no bad ideas to counter the negative effects of rapid change. Employees, managers and most importantly the profitability of the entire organization are better taken care of.