Historically, the Irish began immigrating to Canada in the 17th century. However, it was not until the early 19th century that we experienced the great wave of Irish immigration, when economic crisis and population growth brought Ireland to the brink of disaster. They brought with them a rich cultural heritage, one of the best known traditions of which is St Patrick's Day.

Why celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the workplace?

Well known to revellers, St Patrick's Day is celebrated by raising pints of the famous Guinness while cheering bagpipers, step dancers and marching bands in various towns.

However, unlike in Canada, 17 March has been more of a holy day than a public holiday in Ireland. So, it's a good idea to mark this event with various fun activities at the office. In short, St. Patrick's Day is a great opportunity for employees to rediscover themselves in a festive atmosphere:

  • Adding St. Patrick's Day to your employer brand demonstrates your openness to culture
  • Activities such as dressing up in green to mark the day are another great way to bond with employees
  • According to a Cornell University study, sharing meals acts as a "social glue" and is essential to building a strong team

10 St. Patrick's Day activities

  1. Green Drink: Start the day with a healthy green employee drink to put a smile on the face of all your teams
  2. Play Irish music: Music goes with every occasion to create a unique working atmosphere
  3. Organize a Leprechaun mini-adventure: You'll be surprised to see employees searching everywhere for the 1 dollar coins hidden in the background
  4. Decorate the office and greet your employees differently with a Gaelic greeting
  5. Organise a costume competition or ask everyone to dress in green. A great way to measure your employees' commitment
  6. Create team activities, learn to tie knots or other fun games
  7. Organise a meal around the theme of St Patrick's Day
  8. Provide your employees with a nice beer mug in your organisation's colours turned green
  9. Give your employees a list of films to see to commemorate the rich Irish culture
  10. Exchange greeting cards with your employees to add a personal touch and give employees a sense of importance.

In short, the St. Patrick's Day celebration at work is a great opportunity to highlight the efforts of your employees in a festive atmosphere. Of course, many activities must be prepared in advance, but that doesn't prevent you from marking it with a few last-minute preparations. Play some Irish tunes today for everyone to enjoy.