Our mission: to democratize employment!

By the way - Emplois spécialisés was founded in 2012 by Marie-Andrée Boisvert and Richard DesRochers, visionary entrepreneurs for whom democratizing employment in Quebec was a priority. Even today, the entire sales and customer service team believes in offering incomparable service to employers so that they can find the candidates they are looking for, even in a context of hiring shortages.

Starting out in the health care field

In 2012, it was jobsprofessionalsensante.com and jobsinfirmieres.com that were launched first. Aimed mainly at hospitals and CISSS at the time (a name that has since disappeared), these two sites quickly became very successful. As demand was very high, other job sites were quickly created to meet the needs of health care institutions, but also for a large number of companies and organizations in all sectors of activity... Today, Specialized Jobs has 24 job sites!

Innovative applications!

To help employers quickly obtain qualified candidates who meet their requirements, we have set up a unique application bank with more than a dozen filters. Automated CVs have thus been created, real gems of innovation where candidates can put photos, videos, their diplomas and even their social networks to facilitate their integration and the interest of employers to contact them.

In addition, our application tracking system, which allows the management of applications from receipt of the CV to hiring, is one of the most complete on the market. Many employers appreciate its ease of use and technological innovations that are constantly being renewed.

The geolocation of job offers is also very much appreciated by candidates. They can know the distance to their place of residence and the employer's facilities to the nearest kilometre...

A community that grows every day...

2022-2023 s’avère d’ailleurs une année charnière en termes de développement, comme plus d’une dizaine de nouveaux sites d’emploi verront le jour pour nos 10 ans en activité… Il faut dire que notre communauté de plus de 1,6 million de candidats canadiens nous donne des ailes!

Emplois spécialisés, it's...

  • 2 founders committed to making a difference
  • 30 job sites
  • Plus de 4 000 employeurs
  • Une communauté de 1,6 million de candidats canadiens
  • The most affordable rates on the market to allow everyone to display
  • Employers who refer us...

  • A 95% renewal rate

  • Intuitive applications

  • Un blogue RH suivi par des milliers de personnes chaque semaine

  • Un labo RH exclusif et novateur

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