For those who have not had the chance to consult it, the new HR Pyramid now presents 8 levels of basic needs, 3 more than the previous version
of Maslow's needs: HR Pyramid: How to motivate your employees. A necessary revision to better reflect the opinions of experts in the field. Recently, Specialized Jobs realized that the job offers published in the format of the 90's did not meet the expectations of today's candidates. In short, job postings are often described as poor in terms of HR marketing and, above all, they unnecessarily increase advertising expenses. Here are some elements that could make a big difference in your recruitment.

HR Pyramid

Physiological, security and belonging needs

If your offers outline the main responsibilities, requirements and some working conditions without more, you can qualify your job offers as entry-level HR marketing. In short, offering a competitive salary, secure work spaces and environments within a dynamic team are quite normal. If that's all you can offer, make sure you have a truly above average salary, atmosphere and work environment. To prove it, you're going to have to go to the second level. Finally, don't worry too much, 90% of job postings on the web could be described as first level HR marketing. In a labor shortage, your chances of recruiting and retaining employees in the long run are pretty low if you only talk about the basics.

Self-esteem, respect, autonomy and recognition

This floor is all about recognizing the hard work and excellence of your employees. Here, it's best to paint a detailed picture of the team spirit, recognition and contribution of each employee. In short, we post all our recognition, telecommuting and flextime programs. This is an important step if we want to increase our chances of recruiting 10% to 15% more candidates. At this level, we clearly establish that we have a relationship of trust with all our employees.

Need to learn and understand

All of your training, coaching or other continuing education programs can be found at this level. In the "Why work with us?" section, we add the benefits related to the various training and development activities in your organization. Also talk about integration and new skills, which are key elements in the career path of your employees. Here again, simply by indicating your training and development benefits, you could increase your chances of recruiting by another 10% to 15%. In short, paint a picture of your career opportunities to clearly inform potential candidates and convince them to send their resumes.

Quality of life, balance, harmony and fulfillment

A special floor dedicated to the health of your employees. Here, happiness at work programs or various employee health programs serve as references. Don't forget, 61% of your competitors' employees are burnt out at work. If you mention your programs or work methods that avoid this type of situation, you will be greatly considered by these candidates. The statistics on this subject are unequivocal, wellness programs are very profitable and contribute greatly to the retention of your employees in your organization. If you consider yourself above average on several levels of the HR Pyramid, you are now one of the top employers.

Dreams, passions and community commitments

On this floor, we recognize the unique needs of each individual in achieving their personal goals. Instead of harming, we want to promote the excellence of our employees in various sports, cultural, community or personal spheres. In this regard, some companies offer their employees training time, time sharing or various sponsorships to encourage them to go further. On the other hand, employers reap the benefits of greater positive visibility on social networks from their semi-elite employees or those who work in the community. In short, instead of simply saying that the company is collectively involved, it is demonstrated with concrete actions and programs.

Aesthetic and technological needs

At this level, human resources work to improve the work environment with a higher aesthetic sense. We promote exchanges to improve creativity and harmony in the offices. We also introduce our technologies and work tools that are a reference in the industry. All elements that contribute to standing out from the competition. Obviously, if you offer a high-tech factory or outstanding offices without competitive salaries, you will not be any more advanced than the others in terms of recruitment.


At the top of Maslow's hierarchy are the needs for self-actualization. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, concerned about their personal growth, less concerned about the opinions of others and want to reach their full potential. For human resources, this means delivering and developing all the tools necessary for each employee to reach their full potential in their work. This is called a personalized career plan for all employees who want to reach their full potential. Unlike achieving happiness, which is more general, self-actualization focuses on very specific goals and a career plan. In short, integrate and map your employees' journey to different objective metrics. Also, demonstrate a concrete structure of your team's and manager's level of professionalism to candidates. A good structure can really help convince top talent to take the plunge.

HR Values

For far too many employers, the corporate mission remains theoretical. Instead of being of real service, they too often focus on making a quick buck to satisfy the thirst of their investors while distancing themselves from their primary mission. In short, demonstrate to candidates the greatness of your values in a company that sorely lacks humanity. Avoid being theoretical and try to avoid the cynicism of CEOs who earn over 10 million/year. In this regard, a technology company that stands out has a better chance than the GAFAs of this world in terms of truly human values.

To remember...

In order to better build your job offers for better recruiting, seek judiciously to fill all aspects of the different human needs. Avoid the trap of viewing the floors of the pyramid as steps. Needs are not linear, as some neophytes might claim. Better yet, use a systematic method such as those discussed and presented in the HR 2022 LABO : Labour shortage: how to stand out to candidates. Although it is difficult to fill all aspects for many companies, you will at least have the chance to chart the most convincing course to ensure the sustainability of your organization in terms of recruitment. In 2022, human values are worth their weight in gold more than ever.