L’offre d’emploi Affichage en vedette place votre offre dans les 5 premiers affichages de la page Emplois. Vous êtes assurés que tous les candidats verront votre offre. Elle comprend également tous les avantages de l’offre d’emploi avec infolettres.

Featured job offer includes:

  • 1 display lasting 30 days
  • The offer is posted on all applicable Emplois spécialisés sites.
  • A position in the first 5 results of the Jobs page, your offer is visible to everyone at all times
  • A special invitation to the top 20 candidates who match the profile sought
  • Sending a weekly newsletter to our application bank
  • Turnkey service: design of the employer portal and the job offer with photos and videos
  • Double guarantee of employment*:
    • Following your interviews, you can ask us to keep the job offer online for an additional 30 days if no candidate is selected.
    • Within 3 months of hiring, if your candidate withdraws or you have to terminate their contract, you will be able to re-post your job offer for an additional 30 days.

* The job offer cannot remain online for more than 3 consecutive months.

Display process:

As soon as you place your order, a customer service representative will contact you to answer your request.