We've been talking about employer branding for several years. We all remember the almost unattainable conditions of Google, Microsoft or other companies located in Silicon Valley. Today, many of the ideas that we mistakenly thought were impossible have even become commonplace over time. However, in the age of telecommuting and the ongoing labour shortage, here are some of the most original ideas to get your human resources 100% back on track. Over the next two weeks, we'll be revealing our 50 employer brand concepts...

10 easily implemented ideas for your employer brand

In order to attract exceptional talent, you need to ensure that you have equally exceptional programs and an exemplary philosophy. We really need to change our perspective and stop waiting for others. Be innovative and inspiring with ideas like the following:

1. Professional condos

The company can buy or rent a few condos out of the country and make them available for employees and already adapted for remote work. Make sure it's the employees who have access to it and reserve different space for the executive positions. Not that expensive if you think about it and you'll be talked about all over social media.

corporate chef2. A chef at the reception desk

All employees are greeted by a special chef who not only makes them coffee or tea, but detox juices or other trendy healthy stuff. They want to make sure that all employees stay healthy and avoid eating junk food for lunch.

3. The in-house visit of a chiropractor

In telecommuting mode or in the office, you hire a chiro to take care of your employees. Of course you have insurance for this type of service, but this is about accessibility and convenience. Why should your best employees have to wait in line for professional services?

4. Personalized coaching TVs

A trainer who takes care of employees who want it from a distance can be negotiated very well on a full-time or part-time basis. On the other hand, it can be very cost-effective to ensure optimal health for your employees.

chair massages5. Chair massages

We've all heard of chair massages. But do we really do it on a recurring basis? It's ridiculous to invite a masseur once or twice a year just to post doctored photos on social media to get sporadic sympathy. Make it a real program! You'll see, your employees will relax at work and the atmosphere will be exceptional.

6. Promote discipline and fairness

It's always annoying for employees to see the same people being late for work. People who arrive 10 minutes after the start of the day and leave 10 minutes before the end of the day. Do the math, that's exactly 2 weeks of paid time literally stolen from you. It's bad for the atmosphere, unfair and above all time theft is theft and must be denounced. If there is a problem, adjust the hours of said employees and lower their salary accordingly to be fair.

7. Pay equity

Did you know that Quebec adopted the Pay Equity Act in 1996 to correct the wage gap for people in predominantly female jobs? 25 years later, the situation is still not resolved... For example, employees such as CHRPs, who are predominantly female and have several years of university education under their belts, are sometimes paid less than many of their programming peers who have only three years of college training. Yet, the very survival of your company may depend on their dedication and innovative strategies. Think outside the box and be equal, you will be talked about in all media.

8. Thematic atmospheres

Each month, choose a theme and a few special activities related to your theme. Believe it or not, there are still companies where atmosphere and decor don't matter. Obviously, there is a huge difference between discipline and austerity. In short, you have to pay attention to the details, it may not be important to you, but it matters to others.

children in the office9. Children's day at the office

Definitely one to put on your calendar, Kids' Day allows all employees to see each other in a new light. Sure, it's not the most productive day, but it's one of the best team-building activities you can have and it costs next to nothing. Ordering pizza and planning little giveaways is great and generates pure happiness every time.

10. The video game challenge

In some programming companies, employees meet virtually at night to share their passion for video games. Some companies even go so far as to make it a monthly lunchtime tournament event to watch the talent on the big screens. Most of the time, it's more interesting than any sport on TV. You think it's complicated to organize, don't bother, just give them the suggestion and it will be set up in less than an hour, we're talking to pros here.

In summary...

Our first 10 more general ideas end here! The best is yet to come... Your first goal should be to start slowly and go with the simplest elements to implement. The most important thing is that your actions reach as many people as possible! In our next articles, we will propose more specific ideas that correspond to your organization's sector of activity...

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