HR Lab 2020-2021

The 12 Works of Human Resources

Everybody knows the legendary 12 works of Heracles or Hercules among the Romans! 12 labours that were considered unrealizable to satisfy the wrath of the goddess Hera who was furious to have been deceived. Inspired by Greek mythology, the irreducible Gauls also created their own 12 labours to win the favour of the gods. Based on these brilliant ideas, HR Labo offers you the 12 works of HR, a study of 12 laws of productivity to be implemented in your organization. Created by real scientists and scientists, the 12 laws aim to better control human behaviour throughout the organization. Here is what we propose.

12 laws revisited for HR

With the arrival of the new generations, the labour shortage, telework, the increasingly complex display of the employer brand and the growing administrative burden, it has become imperative to take a step back! So, to better organize businesses that are running out of energy and improve your quality of life and that of your employees, here are 12 laws that were originally designed in different contexts and are now applied specifically to your field. Moreover, they also have the potential to contribute to the happiness of your employees.

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