Labo RH: a true human resources research laboratory

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The HR Lab is the new human resources laboratory in Quebec. To this end, Specialized Jobs is making available its network of some 3,800 employers and its 1.5 million subscribers to its job sites and social networks, in order to offer statistical data on human resources to all businesses in Quebec.

Data privacy policy

Thus, the HR Lab is a 100% free service and the scientific data are totally anonymous and confidential. They also comply with Harvard University's highest security standards in terms of data protection. No email, name or password is requested from anyone, providing almost unparalleled security and information protection.

A unique mission of popularization and disclosure

In short, the HR Lab's mission is to disseminate a wealth of information in the form of surveys and feature articles so that companies can adopt best practices, based on current, evidence-based data.

A real HR research laboratory

Due to the organization of work or limited internal budgets, the HR Lab is a true HR laboratory at your disposal. Depending on the themes or requests, Specialized Jobs will be assigned different research mandates and will share data free of charge in the form of articles or computer graphics.

Skilled Jobs believes that information sharing is one of the crucial elements in changing the labour force within companies.

Various HR topics

Evaluate your procedures in several fields of activity and discover little-explored avenues in Quebec :

  • The evaluation of your hiring processes by candidates

  • The impact of major employer brands

  • The evolution of telework

  • Telework and environmental protection

  • Inclusive businesses

  • Management training

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